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Use trading signals for your trades with binary options

You often are not sure about the development of a certain asset? You are not able to say if the value of a currency will de- or increase? You do not know which horse to back? However, the most important thing concerning successful trading is to keep a cool head and to have an adequate strategy. Therefore trading signals can be helpful. That is why we offer this service for you since now, in order to make you have even more fun and success when trading.

Why you should use trading signals for your trades

Warren Buffet once said: “In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” With other words you could say that you can learn from the past in order to be able to understand and predict the future. But it is almost impossible always to know all the data and information from the past and even when knowing them it is hard to draw the right conclusions. That is why we developed the new trading signals for you.

How trading with trading signals works

To use the trading signals you only have to make a deposit of at least 250 €. The minimum deposit is required because of a special algorithm we use. This algorithm makes use of data, statistics and information of past price movements and calculates with it the most likely future developments. That means that it uses the so called technical analysis which also is used by many professional traders. So it is possible to see when a trade probably will be successful or if you better should keep your hands off. This tool enormously eases your trade.

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Screenshot: Trading Signals in the abcOptions Traderoom

Tradings signals can help you when trading, but you still have the full control

The nice thing of our service is that trading with trading signals does not take place automatically, but you always have the full control. That means that you make the decisions about buying or selling of an asset and you do not have to leave this to a computer. Our trading signals are a beneficial assistance which can help to make your trading even more successful.

How you can use the trading signals

If you want to use the trading signals, just log in to and deposit at least 250 € on your account. After doing this you can use the trading signals immediately. You will find them at the bottom of the starting page among the tab “Trading signals” next to “Closed Trades”. At the upper end you will find a column with a few information. On the left side there is the asset in which you can invest. The second point tells you how much time is left to set your bid. The expiry tells you when the option will end. Under the point “payout” you can find how much profit you will make when you are right. “Position” tells you, if it is a put or a call option and the “strength” shows how likely it is that it will be this way. These two points are calculated by our algorithm which uses historical data. At the end of the column you see the amount you can invest and the button to trade. In general the system always sets 25 €. If you would like to invest more or less you can do so, that is not a problem. Then just use our trading signals as an information and make a direct investment in the according asset.

Use the trading signals now and start trading like a pro!


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