New Year’s Bonus: up to 200% CASH

The first month of 2018 we have a special New Year’s binary options bonus for you. On every deposit you receive a binary options bonus of up to 200% CASH on your account.

The higher your deposit, the bigger the bonus!

  • For deposits of €1,000* or more –> 200% CASH extra
  • For deposits of €500 to €1,000 –> 150% CASH extra
  • For deposits of €100 to €500 –> 100% CASH extra

This means that if you deposit €1,000 on your abcOptions account, you are ready to start trading with a trading balance of €3,000 (€1,000 invested and €2,000 cash bonus).


Upon completion of the deposit, the New Year’s Bonus will be automatically added to your “Bonus History” (tab in the “Cashier” menu). The bonus can be activated there, to instantly take advantage of the options market with a larger trading account.


To be able to withdraw profits and the bonus amount you will have to reach a trading volume of 25 times the bonus amount. Volume is measured as each invested amount in an option. For example, 3 trades of € 50 generates a volume of € 150, regardless of profit or loss. This cash bonus is redeemable. The maximum bonus amount is € 4,000 per deposit.


Valid for the whole month of January 2018.


Contact your account manager if you have any questions about the terms or the height of your “New Year’s Bonus”.


* This deposit bonus is applicable for investments in EUR, USD, or GBP.