App for mobile trading

Do you want to know how the abcOptions app for mobile trading works? On this page we will show you first where you can download the abcOptions app for mobile devices (mobile phones, and tablets), and secondly explain step by step the functioning of this mobile trading app.

How to get the trading app?

To download the abcOptions trading app click on the link of your mobile operation system below, or go to Google Play search for abcOptions.


How functions the abcOptions app?

Now you have installed the abcOptions app on your Android device, you can find below a description of the app and all its functions. The numbers between brackets indicate the screenshot nr below the descriptive text.

Get started

When you (1) start up the application on your mobile device you will be asked to either (2) sign up for an abcOptions account, or if you already have an account to (3) log in with your email address and password, see the screenshots below.


If you enter the app for the first time, then an (4) explanatory sheet over the traderoom will be shown. This explanatory sheet shows you all the important places to tick in order to execute a trade. When you signed in more times you will go directly to the (5) traderoom.


Traderoom (Digital & Turbo)

In traderoom of the app you can trade digital (up/down) and turbo options. You can select the option type by tapping on top-left digital/turbo text. The functioning for both option types are equal, see the explanation sheet (4). Below we will describe only the most important ones, nl. how to change a chart, how to select an asset, how to define the expiry time and investment amount, and how to finally place the trade.


By tapping on the chart symbol (left from the asset name), you can select the desired (6) chart type (line, area or candle). When you want to adjust the time interval of the chart, you have to tick on one of the chart types, and the (7) intervals of 1m, 5m, 15m, and 30m will appear.



To select the asset you want to trade on you have tab on the first box under the chart, where the Asset, Payout and Profits (based on your investment amount) info is shown. In the asset selection menu, the available assets are categorized between (8) Commodities, (9) Currencies, (10) Futures, (11) Indices, and (12) Stocks. Select your category and pick the asset you wish to trade by simply tapping on it.


Expiry time and Investment amount

To change the expiry time of binary options you have to tap on the box where it shows Expiry and a time (above the red Put button). Once ticked, you can select your desired (13) expiry time. Above the green Call button you decide your (5) investment amount for the particular option by tapping one by one on the plus/minus (to increase/decrease one euro, pound, or dollar), or by pressing on the plus/minus to increase/decrease the amount faster.

Note, that the minimum investment amount for Turbo’s has been lowered from 10 to 5. This enables you to place more high frequency trades with the same investment capital.



Once you have selected the asset, expiry time and amount, you are ready to purchase the option by pressing the red Put button, when you think the current price will be lower at the chosen expiry time, or by pressing the green Call button, when you expect the current price will be higher at the chosen expiry time.

Trading Tools op de app

1. Go to the Traderoom
2. Click Trades (see Screenshot-abc-app-tradingtools1.png below)
3. Wipe open trades (that have a bracket on the right side) to the left (see Screenshot-abc-app-tradingtools2.png below)
4. The Trading Tools will appear and you can Close (the amount shown is the return you will receive), Extend (the cost for extending will appear), and Double (the new strike rate or current rate that is used for the new (doubled) trade will be shown) your trade(see Screenshot-abc-app-tradingtools3.png below).

Screenshot-abc-app-tradingtools1 Screenshot-abc-app-tradingtools2 Screenshot-abc-app-tradingtools3

Other features (deposit, withdraw, trade history, support, etc)

How to trade is very important, but in order to trade you will have to transfer money to your abcOptions trading account, and when you made profits you want these on your own bank account, and when you encounter a problem or have a question you would like to contact our customer service as soon as possible. All these actions can be performed with this app, and can be found in the menu.


The menu of the app will appear by tapping on the menu symbol in the top-left corner or by swiping from anywhere at the left corner of the screen to the right. In the (14) menu you can manage all aspects that enable you to trade, like updating your profile info, depositing money on your abcOptions balance (with all payment options available), withdrawing money to your own bank account, accepting and checking on your bonuses, controlling your trade history, and getting straight into contact with abcOptions support team.


Deposit & Withdraw

To deposit money onto your abcOptions trading account, you select deposit in the menu, and you will be taken to the deposit option. At the deposit menu you select your currency, amount to transfer and you choose your payment method. When you want to pay with another method than the pre-selected payment method Credit Card, press Credit Card and a drop down menu will appear where you can scroll down and select your preferred payment method. We have the following methods available: (15) Credit Card, Giropay, (16,17,18) iDEAL, (19) (Bancontact)MisterCash, and Neteller.


To withdraw you simply fill in all the info at the withdrawal menu and your money will be on bank account as soon as everything is verified by our compliance and financial departments.

Trade history

When you want to get a complete overview of your executed trades, then you can find all information in Trade history. In the (20) Trade history you can filter your binary option trades on period and/or asset.



The last feature to highlight is the (21) Support feature. When you have any questions or remarks about your Deposit/Withdraw, Trades, Technical issues, or General issues, then you can easily select one of these subjects, write your message, and send it directly to abc’s professional customer service. A clear answer will be received as soon as possible.